Eastasiasoft are proud to announce that its latest game, Ninja Sprint is available now for download on all Android based mobile devices via Google Play.

To mark the release a new trailer (shown below) has been released.

Ninja Sprint is a ‘dash and slice’ game that stars Neko the Cat, a feline who has unexceptionally been struck by lighting and granted humanoid form and supernatural ninja powers.

Cast out by her fellow cats, Neko needs to fend for herself. The way she decides to do this how any stray cat would… slice, dice and hack through hordes of ancient monsters and steal all their coins.

Featuring 80 colourful and brightly detailed levels, set in 4 differing scenarios, players will be able to hack through waves of enemies using a wide range of blood effects – such as gore and flower power – while pulling off devastating special attacks. At the end of each level, players will also be able to share their high scores through any number of social networking platforms.

Ninja Sprint also features a sharp and catchy soundtrack provided by Rafael Dyll.

This new game is available now for download via Google Play. A trail version has also been made available. Please check your respective region’s for price.

An iOS version of Ninja Sprint will be released soon.


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