Timesplitters is a franchise that has been dormant for far too long, and according to Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli it may  remain that way for a little longer.

In a recent interview with VG24/7 he reaffirms that a new game isn’t going to happen unless there is a great amount of interest in the franchise. To that effect, Yerli even made a post on his official post to see how much interest he could stir up, and as he cites ‘while the volume of responses was quite high, we feel it’s not high enough yet’.

So while that potential Timesplitters sequel that has been rumored to be in on again/off again development may be some ways off yet, all is not bleak.

In response to the feedback he received from the community, Yerli cites that Crytek are now discussing what to do with the franchise and that the developer ‘might have some surprises coming soon.’

What surprises?! How developers love to tease us. Could a HD re-release of the first three games be on the cards? If true it would be a fantastic way to garner some well deserved interest in a new game.

(via: VG24/7)


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